Paul Langford

From Paul Langford:

Kraig McCreary is my go-to guitarist.  He can play any style, sight read anything, has great sounds, a great attitude, and is always the consummate professional.  I have worked with him in every conceivable setting:  recording studio, live concert, on the road, wedding reception, church service, you name it.  Kraig is also a killer producer and programmer of midi tracks.  I’ve sent a ton of work to him and he always makes me look good to my clients with what he sends back.  I trust him completely, and count on his quality and musicianship.  He can come to you to work or do killer work at his home studio and send it out.  Anything that I’ve got going on that needs guitar or programming will always involve Kraig!!

Paul Langford

Chicago-based singer, arranger, producer, conductor, keyboard player

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Kraig says: “I recently sent an email to Paul that said “Man, I just love the snot out of you – I just feel good being around you, your vibe, musicality, humor – just the best…” – Loves me some Paul Langford! Here are samples of tracks from the musical “Hamilton” that I did for a client that Paul referred to me.”