Christy Ogilvie McCreary

From Christy Ogilvie McCreary:

Kraig wrote one of my favorite songs, and we put it on my CD, Akimbo. It’s called “Lift Them Up”, a feel-good rock song about doing what you can to make others feel supported and loved. Kraig lives for that. He aims for what Steve Wonder calls ‘Positivity’ in all facets of his creative work.

We have played together on live dates with huge dance bands, as a duo, on church worship teams, and recorded two CD projects. In every situation, his sense of the most musical choice is spot on. Kraig is a groove machine. Song writers, commercial producers, famous artists passing through for one show, and Broadway music directors seek out Kraig for his impeccable chops and great attitude. He won’t ever let you down.

Kraig says: “Well, Darlin’ Christy, it is a lovely ride that we are on. Your beautiful¬†voice/spirit/desire for love and goodness define you, and affect positivity in all you touch. Watching your evolution as a singer/composer/poet and author has been extraordinary. Oh, and did I mention that you are gorgeous? Thanks for your faith and trust in me – here’s to many more songs, laughs and kisses!”