Andy Mitran

From Andy Mitran:

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Kraig McCreary since about 1980. I have hired Kraig through the years mostly as a guitarist for my custom music production company. I have also enlisted Kraig as a composer for my production music library and to write music for the Oprah Winfrey Show. The pieces he wrote for the Oprah show were among the show producers favorites. I have also asked Kraig to collaborate on my latest album. Kraig co-wrote one piece and played on two more. The Album Transmigration reached #1 on the ZMR international air play charts of contemporary instrumental music genres this spring. We have worked together in many situations and my disclaimer here is that he is one of my best friends. I would however have to say the very same things if that weren’t the case.

I have had the pleasure of watching him develop as an artist. He is to me, one of the most musical people I know. You know when you see someone perform like Stevie Wonder and say wow, great music just comes out of his pours in such an effortless easy manner. Well, Kraig is one of those guys. He is a gifted writer, and arranger as well.

What is remarkable about Kraig is that he is the whole package. He has incredible talent sure, but he is one of the most consistent, accommodating, nicest guys with an unending positive outlook. I always look forward to working with him. I have asked Kraig to do many types of gigs over the 30 plus years we have worked together. He has always said yes to my requests and brought his “A” game to each and every project.

If anyone reading this is considering hiring Kraig for one of his many talents, you couldn’t make a better choice. As a guitarist, he has dazzled my clients over the years. As a producer, I have seen him make his clients happy beyond measure. As a band leader, he is organized, inclusive, patient and meticulous. As a composer, he was one of the favorites at the Oprah Winfrey show and his band Blast is a treat to behold. Musicians who know him agree with me, just ask them.

Andy Mitran

Co-Owner Mitran Mitran Music

& Perfect Choice Music Library –

Kraig says: “Andy is a true “old soul”, but with the playfulness and abandon of a boy in a sandbox. He is an awesome musician and composer, as well as being one of the wisest people I know. Working with him is one of the great joys in my life – eyes,ears and hearts wide open in search of musical bliss. He was the Best Man at my wedding to Christy, and will always be a soulmate to me!”