Jon Negus

From Jon Negus:

I have worked with Kraig McCreary as a guitarist, a vocalist and a music writer for nearly 30 years. His guitar playing puts him in a class above most session players in Chicago. Being a composer himself, he is able to assess a music track and add the perfect guitar part that enhances what is already recorded. Kraig is well versed on acoustic and electric guitars and reads like a hawk. As a writer, he takes what the client gives him and comes up with ideas that far surpass their expectations. As a singer, Kraig has a wonderful, authentic rock sound that makes him an excellent choice for high energy tracks. All in all, Kraig is a well-rounded musician who strives for excellence and always delivers.

Jon Negus, Producer

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Kraig says: “High praise from Jon, who has been on every side of the Chicago music scene forever. He is a terrific composer/producer/singer/musician, and a really sweet fella. Always a lot of great music and good vibes when he is in the house!”