Donna “Dee McPherson” Rucks

From Donna “Dee McPherson” Rucks:

Dear Kraig:

“Music has the power to change your life.” You said this to me when I started coming to you five years ago. I believed you the first time you said it, and then I trusted you with my musical dreams, my melodies, and my voice.  With your enthusiasm and your talent, you have professionally produced for me 7 beautiful CDs, and one very enjoyable CD-release concert at Medinah Country Club.

We are now working on my 8th CD, a new project, with vocals in Spanish and English! You’ve encouraged me, and my music has taken flight!

How does this happen?  I come to the studio with my lyrics and piano melodies, we record, you fix, we listen, you coach me, and then you start adding the magnificent musical instrumentation. You give these songs full drama, with the richness and sweetness of sound they deserve. We listen over and over again, until we achieve the quality we want.

Please listen now to the delicate instrumental harmonies created by the genius of Kraig McCreary. I share with you a few excerpts from four of my favorite songs:

“To Italy Now”

“So Much Love”

“This Kiss”

“Amongst The Heather”

What’s next for me?  Singing in Italian!

Thank you, Kraig, for joining me on this musical journey.  With your leadership, the power of the words and rhythms have made dreams come true, impacted lives, and changed my world. It is an honor to work with you.

Donna “Dee McPherson” Rucks

Kraig says: ” “Lady Dee” is beautiful, a wonderful singer/songwriter, and a true artist, gathering the stories in her life and the lives of others, and setting them to music. There is a purely romantic quality to her storytelling, whether it be about a modern day lover’s encounter, or a tale from the battlefields centuries ago. No commerce driving her writing, but simply the muse. I am honored to have her trust and faith and friendship through the last 5 years and 30+ songs.”