David Kemper

From David Kemper:

Kraig McCreary is a producer’s dream.  I do a fair amount of recording, but have seldom been as pleased with the results as when Kraig came in (with no prior knowledge of the music), strapped on his guitar and proceeded straightaway to burn up the chart.  Absolutely nailed it!  Great sounds, great feel, extremely versatile, with a knack for reaching beyond the notes into the actual “heart” of the tune.     

Equally important is his laidback vibe.  He’s one of the easiest people to work with, making the studio recording process a hassle-free pleasure.  There aren’t enough superlatives to describe the musicianship of Kraig McCreary!

Kraig says: “David has a very organic approach to his production, and I always enjoy opening the tool kit to see what will work for his music. Our fishing expeditions are fun and often take us to unexpected but satisfying places!”