David Barrett

From David Barrett:

Writing about Kraig McCreary and all the music we’ve created over the years is one of the easiest things imaginable.  It is very simple: when I have a piece of music that really matters personally and professionally…I call Kraig.  I’ve written many themes & songs for the networks, and he is on them all.  Every one.  But I also write all sorts of other songs large & small…and when his schedule allows, he’s on them.  Commenting on his guitar chops is laughable.  I generally set down my guitar for the prerequisite two week mourning period after watching him play.  But more importantly, most importantly, because he plays so brilliantly and is a producer himself, he has the maturity to always play within the heart of the composition.  This is no small thing.  It is everything.  He plays what is right musically, with great soulfulness and sensitivity to the heart of the matter.  I wish he’d leave Chicago and move next door.

I’m lucky to know him….

David Barrett

Emmy Award winning composer & songwriter


Kraig says: “David is one of the most thoughtful men I know, in the truest sense. He is full of thoughts and ideas about music and life, and combines those things to make great art. He is also one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. His song “One Shining Moment”  has been featured at the end of the last game of the NCAA Finals since 1987 (30 years as of this writing). Here are samples of his wonderful composing and arranging…”