Alan Moore

From Alan Moore:

“The reason I always tried to grab Kraig for the commercials, films and records I was contracted to fulfill, is that he ALWAYS thought like a producer. And played like the quiet maniacal genius he is – on all stringed instruments and as a programmer.  Nine times out of ten, an idea, a single hook, or complete phrase running through our minds would magically come playing in real time right off the monitors.

Um, that would be BEFORE anyone told him what to play.

He is the best of the best, always offering up explosive, uber-creative ideas in his usual quiet humility and soft spoken tones. I had no second call. Still don’t..

You’ll find the only problem is getting him out of the studio because he is never quite satisfied and wants… “just one more man, you got another track, right?”. He’s the best. And he will “shred” your next option.  Look no further, you are wasting time.”

Kraig says: “I have been in the presence of greatness and genius many, many times in my career – Alan is right at the top of that list. His writing/arranging/production/playing gifts are unsurpassed. From soaring orchestral to ridiculous vocal arranging to down & dirty country, there is none better. What a blessing for me to get to work with him!”