Christy Ogilvie

Sing for Joy! Voice studio
For over 10 years, Christy has filled her private voice studio with young singers. Hundreds of students have benefited from her guidance in their vocal development and repertoire. A certified secondary education teacher, Christy uses best practices in teaching while calling upon her many years of vocal training. With a classical background spiced with her own musical evolution, Christy leads her students through folk and art songs; Italian, French, German and Latin; musical theatre; and pop and jazz styles. Applying yoga's breath technique and physical awareness to singing disciplines traditional and progressive, students develop poise along with an appreciation for the beauty and depth to be found in the world of the Arts.

Christy's wide musical experiences inform her teaching as well. Studio recording and live performance call for different approaches, as do whether a student is looking for help on an audition or competition - or just singing for the sheer joy of it. Each lesson is customized to the individual as he or she enters the studio. As the student learns more, more is added to each experience - as the student grows, so they are fed! Students may sing with live piano or bring CD tracks to lessons.

Lessons are 45 or 60 minutes.

Photo by Momentum, Inc.


For lessons, contact Christy by email or call 630.204.9447
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