Christy Ogilvie

Christy Ogilvie is a Chicago singer and songwriter. Her CD, Akimbo, is an eclectic blend of jazz-influenced pop, funky gospel and a taste of folk music showcasing her intense, sexysweet sound. At venues in and around the city (Beat Kitchen, The Pump Room, 200 E. Supper Club, Martyr's, Abbey Pub, Tuscany and Gentry Cabaret to name a few), Christy fronts her own band as well as lending her voice to other acts. Christy has shared her high energy and charisma on many stages, including with private event bands such as the Chris Sarlas Orchestra.

When Christy leads the band with husband, Kraig McCreary, the premier players of Chicago's rich live and studio music scene come along, creating a tasty groove audiences love: masterful, funky, responsive and always fun. Christy's voice has been described as "fresh and honest," "direct, untrendy" and "like Joni Mitchell and Bonnie Raitt." Her influences range from classic Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn to singer/songwriter masters such as Stevie Wonder and James Taylor.

Quotes about Christy’s Music with a Message of... Positivity
Beautiful singing, fun, energetic, untrendy
Quotes from fellow musicians and fans:

"(Christy) gravitates naturally to the heart of the song… believe me, it is a rare thing and that is all the difference."

"Christy and Kraig continue to deliver the goods with such engagement and joy that it consistently brings up the level of the players who are lucky enough to share the stage with them."

Her songwriting is "engaging, sincere, warm, and uplifting but then… on the gig, which is a whole 'nother story… a little hot, and very sweet, unexpectedly funky and then all at once endearing. Christy will coax you through your full range of emotions and send you home ready for romance."

Christy embodies "the essence of the modern American singer: using her wonderful voice to tell the story of her song."

"Christy's voice is smooth and sweet. You can hear her heart and soul in every note."

"A fresh voice. Honest and uplifting."

"Naughty and nice…"

"Christy's voice is such a beautifully refined instrument… she is an amazing artist. So is her husband."

"Christy's singing washes over the listener in phrases that pierce the heart. She is an artist of penetrating sensitivity… - wonderful."

For bookings, contact Christy by email or call 630.204.9447
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